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Xpand Capital is a venture capital (VC) firm investing in new and innovative technologies, such as the blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and by extent, in cryptocurrencies.


Our mission is to help start-ups and project teams to create value faster and to facilitate access and accelerate adoption of blockchain technologies within the economy.

Xpand Capital mainly invests in leading projects in the Algorand ecosystem, well positioned as a best-in-class Layer 1 blockchain, ensuring trust from corporates and governments. Investments may be made directly in equity, in companies building products and services, or in early-stage tokens during the private stage at a discount to the listing price.



François Thibault, CFA, MBA, M.Sc.
Investor, CEO
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François worked for over 10 years in one of the most prestigious banking institutions in Canada, mainly in the investment field. He collaborated on mergers and acquisitions and became a valuable advisor to the management team during strategic decisions. Today, François transposes his knowledge of finance and economics into the technological world via cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the Blockchain in general.

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Philippe Charest, PhD
Investor, Managing partner
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Philippe has an atypical academic background including a PhD in architectural sciences and a degree in business and administration. He is active in the fields of investment, real estate and construction, being a shareholder and managing partner of several fast-growing companies. Philippe has a keen interest in the introduction of new technologies, including the applicability of smart contracts, across the industry.

Jeff Pakenham, CFA
Consultant, Risk management advisor
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Jeff started investing at 11 years old and is now considered an expert in finance with extensive knowledge regarding investment policies. Jeff works for the biggest insurance mutual in Canada, with experiences as a senior manager and executive for many other well-established companies in Canada. He manages investment funds valued at over 10 billion dollars, with traditional and proven methods of investing related to fundamentals, both in value and growth segments.

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David Caron,
Consultant, IT technical advisor

David is a senior system administrator and cloud systems analyst with over 10 years of experience managing and maintaining unix/linux infrastructure. He is an open source enthusiast and constantly learning new technologies to keep a competitive edge in his field. David currently works for the biggest insurance mutual in Canada where he specializes in cloud migration, automation and infrastructure monitoring.

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